This conference aims to help share and spread good practices in the field of transnational traineeships. It builds on the We Mean Business campaign of 2012, which put the spotlight on the benefits for companies of hosting trainees from abroad and helped build networks and connections to make it easier for companies to get involved. In view of the proposed future programme "Erasmus For All" 2014-2020, the conference will also examine ways to ensure high quality traineeships abroad.

The conference aims to bring together stakeholders engaged with traineeships. Invited participants include Member State Ministry representatives, social partners, VET providers, Higher Education associations, Chamber of Commerce, sectoral organisations, the European Commission, National Agencies managing the Lifelong Learning Programme, European networks, federations of enterprises, companies, human resource managers and careers services.

"Our company works internationally. We depend on employees with language and intercultural skills. Learning stays abroad have therefore become a matter of course." Hans P., Germany

"The experience proved a great success both for my own work and for the studio’s. When the internship period was over, Cartoon Saloon offered me a contract and I have been working there happily till this day.” Svend A., Denmark